Andress Bonifacio

The greatest living filipino still fights.

Love of Country
Andres Bonifacio

What love can be
purer and greater
than love of country?
What love? No other love, none…

Nothing dear to a person with a pure heart
is denied to the country that gave him birth:
blood, wealth, knowledge, sacrifices,
E'en if life itself ends…

To her one owes the first kiss
of the wind that is the balm
of the oppressed heart drowning
in the deep well of misfortune and suffering…

The bygone days of joy,
the future that is hoped
will free the slaves,
where can this be found but in one's native land?…

If this country is in danger
and she needs defending,
Forsaken are the [child, wife, parent, sibling]
at the country's beck and call…

Where is the honor of the Filipino?
where is the blood that should be shed?
The country is being oppressed, why not make a move,
you are shocked witnessing this…

You who are poor without [recourse]
except to live in poverty and suffering,
protect the country if your desire is to end
your sufferings, for her progress is for all.

Dedicate with all your love—
as long [as] there is blood—shed every drop of it,
If for the defense of the country life is [lost]
this is fate and true glory.

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