I M No Genius

By Marlex Cantor

They think I’m a genius
So wrong they are
For, if I were what they say
I would’ve built a time machine
And froze the clock
To keep you from leaving us behind

They think I know all
How can that be?
I don’t have all the answers
I can’t give a rock-solid reply
When they ask me
Why aren’t you here anymore?

If I were the genius
They all think I am
Why can’t I make me an elixir
To drink to ease the pain
Of missing you
Of longing to have you with us again

If I knew everything
The absolute truth
Why am I still talking like this?
I know you can no longer hear me
How I wish you do
I wish for the day we’re home with you

One of the collections of Greatest Living Filipino poems from Filipino poets.

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