By David Arenas

Evading one or many,
converging to pulverize,
the who fails the intractable,
as currents clash and flow away,

an insistence for final agency,
the reply cut to occupational mandate,
behind the contours, clarity
rents communion,

careful the forgiving coercion,
able to strip left-over accounts,
by contrast, the practice flies open
to unveil the motives for its opposing claims,

community projects entail exile,
education commands wholesale absence,
militarism draws financial ventures,
health programs thrive on their victims,

the worst has already occurred
and still is to happen,
all accept it’s best to forget,
and thus reuse,

which explains how the question why
never loses its forthright edge,
reading deterioration against rebirth,
rot against ripe,

the story strains to maintain
the pace of dazzlement by flash,
as the same strives to make profitable
the unique,

a make-over for the ignored
left to eat garbage,
to prop up a theology,
whose faith
impoverishes from within.

One of the collections of Greatest Living Filipino poems from Filipino poets.

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