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De La Salle University

The story I was about to tell is you is not mine, but my greatest living Filipino sister.

She worked as a photo shoot staff for different universities. During this time, she had so many student friends. One of these was a girl who died from choking during the photo shoot before the graduation day.

On that night, she had to extend her working hours in the school just to finish arranging each of the photos for different colleges/courses. Around 7pm, all of the students on that department had left. She was alone.

While sitting on a big table with pile of pictures, her computer at the other corner of the room opened automatically and the graduation song played. She was horrified to think that she was alone in the room and she never turned on the multimedia player. She then went to the computer and turned it off. She went back to her desk and continued with her work.

After awhile, the computer again, turned on itself and played the graduation song. This time, she ran out of the room and went to the guard's station, reported the incident and went home. At the house, she realized that maybe the ghost who played the graduation song was the girl who died that day.

Since the building was old and had done so many renovations, there was this "haunted elevator" for which the faculty and the admin. Closed and banned the students to use it because of the hauntings. It was said that once you entered the elevator, the lights will automatically turned off and you will be then touched by COLD Hands. Most of the students, even the professors found fainted in the said elevator.

The reason for the hauntings was a student who died in suffocation. It was Saturday, around 6pm; she had used the elevator when the power switch had turned off. She was trapped and cried for help, no one rescued her. Sunday, no classes. Monday morning, she was found dead, suffocated.

Another haunting was the day before the BAR examination. At 8pm, all students should be disbursed because at 9pm, the judges will then roam the whole place for any possible leakages. The night guards were the ones to check the whole building.

Unfortunately, a new night guard was assigned to check the farthest building. He opened the Lab Room and noticed a student at one corner, somewhat typing on the computer. The guard from the door said: "Sir, we need to disburse all the students here before the judges come". Still, the student continued on what he was doing. "Sir, please, rules are rules". No response… Afraid that the student might get irritated and afraid to loose his job, he decided to call on the radio and asked the other night guards to talk to the student instead. While waiting for his colleagues to come, hoping that he can convince him, he stepped on to the room and closed the door, from a distance he said: "Sir, don't get me wrong here but I will loose my job if the judges found out that you were still here, I need you to step out of the room and continue with your project tomorrow"…again, no reply. He tapped the students shoulder, finally the student stopped typing and faced him. But the creepy part that made him faint is that the student had no FACE at all.

Every night before the Bar exam, when the night guards roamed the building and saw a particular student wearing blue shirt, they will never tried to talk to him or forced him to get out of the room. They knew it was HIM.

The greatest living Filipino ghost. Thank you for reading… Until then…

Ateneo de Manila University

When I was in college, I went to a university in the Philippines called Ateneo de Manila University. The university was ran by Jesuit priests and was fairly new when you compare it the Ivy League schools in the USA. The land where the university now stood was apparently either a prison camp or a war hospital during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines back in World War two. Now that fact may or may not have anything to do with my story. I only know what me and my roommates experienced.

It was summer and I was dorming in Cervini Hall with three other girls - Michelle, Kat and a girl who didn't really attend the university but was just their for summer classes and therefore I can't remember her name. For the sake of the story, I will call her SummerGirl.

Michelle, Kat and I knew each other pretty well after having lived in the same dorm for the past few terms. We usually lived in Eliazo Hall the girls dorm but during the summers, we had to make do with living in the third floor of the boys dorm. This is how ended up in Room 314.

From, the beginning, there were some strange occurrences in Room 314. It wasn't really any big deal in the beginning. It was just things like door locking themselves, hair standing on end in the middle of the night over nothing. Stuff like that.

But there were two occurrences that really marked our summer experience that year. The first one involved Michelle. Her bed was by the door. And the wall of the door had wooden window jalousies. The jalousies at the bottom half would not close. One night while Michelle was studying French, she suddenly bolted out of her study desk and ran outside. Kat and I looked at each other in surprise when she did this. Upon her return, we asked her what made her bolt like that. According to Michelle the reason that she did was that while staring off into space while studying, she had seen someone through the open jalousies walking very slowly in a long white nightgown. The pace of the person's walk as well as the what she (Michelle referred to her as a she) was wearing made her curious and that's why she ran out. Kat and I asked her then what she found outside. Michelle replied that there was no one outside. But she was sure she had seen that person in a white nightgown walking slowly.

She even went next door, she said, because at the rate the person was walking she would have just been next door - but when she opened the door to the next room, no one there was wearing a white nightgown. We never did find out what that thing was, but I remember Kat, Michelle and I praying that night for the unrestful souls.

The second incident in room 314 was even scarier. This time it involved me and Michelle. One night, I was experimenting with my new curling iron. I had a mirror positioned on my desk and I was curling my hair. From behind me through the mirror, I could see NewGirl sitting on her chair in front of her desk studying or reading at least. Kat was on her bed next to New Girl's bed Michelle was again across me sitting by her desk studying.

As I curled my hair, I could see NewGirl from her back in my mirror. A few moments on, I thought I heard her crying as well as reading a letter or something like that. The thought should I approach her and comfort her crossed my mind, but then I thought, I shouldn't be so nosy after all, I didn't know her at all. So that decided, I continued curling my hair and eventually got tired of doing so and started to straighten my hair again. She was still crying then. As I turned around to talk to Michelle, I suddenly glimpsed NewGirl sleeping on the bed next to Kat's. In the split second that I've seen her through my mirror crying and reading, there was no way that she could have gotten to the bed from the chair that fast. I suddenly realized that the person that I've been seeing in the mirror was not NewGirl. I glanced at Michelle and she told me, I saw her too! I jumped from my bed and Michelle and I ended up sleeping in the same bed that night.

When Kat saw us lying in the same bed the next day she asked what happened. And we told her. She said that NewGirl had gone to sleep the same time as her. I was curling my hair and seeing that girl in the mirror for a good 20 minutes. And all that time, it wasn't her.

From that time on, we resolved to pray for the restless souls in our midst before going to bed at night. I think we helped them, because we had an uneventful rest of the summer in Rm.314. The greatest living Filipino summer.

University of the Philippines

Dati daw..yung 4th floor ng AS (palma hall sa mga bagets) hindi totally enclosed di katulad ngaun na may glass windows na from the waist up…dati daw, ang harang nya yung cement railings na hanggang waist lng, then open na cya…dahi dito, maraming ngkukuwento na madami daw estudyante and tumatalon dun- dahil sa frustrations sa pag-aaral..madami na daw ang nagpapkamatay sa pagtalon sa 4th floor AS kaya npagdesisyunan na harangan na nga ito ng glass windows..
……… one night, merong isang org na ng-street painting ng org logo nila sa tapat ng AS steps in preparation sa anniversary nila.. isa sa mga members ang merong 'third eye' pero walang nkakaalam kundi yung isang member lng na kasama nila nung gabi na yun na nakapansin na balisa at nde ito mapakali.
"ok ka lng?" tanung nya
" umalis na tayo" sabi nito sabay tingin ng pailalim sa bandang taas ng AS building
"malapit na tau matapos..mga 1 hr na lng.."
at this time..lumapit na yung iba nilang kasama…ng freak-out na din sila kc nanginginig na buong katawan nung myembrong my third eye.
"may nakikita ka ba?"
" basta umalis na tau ngaun!" sabi nito "…ngaun na! basta umalis na tau!"

hindi man nila alam kung bakit, umalis na ang grupo sa tapat ng AS walk kahit nde pa tapos yung street painting nila..habang nasa daan na pauwi, saka nila nalaman ang dahilan kung bkit cla pilit na pinalalis ng kasama nila…..

… sabi nung myembro nilang my third eye..matagal na daw may mga kaluluwang nktingin sa knila sa my 4th floor ..nung una nde naman nya pinapansin kasi muka naman harmless..nanunuod lng..hanggang sa mpansin nya from sa 4th floor…isa isa clang naglipatan sa AS steps..papalapit ng papalapit sa kanila..dito na cya kinabahan..dahil sa matagal na din bukas ang third eye nya, alam na nya kung merong masamang intension ang mga kaluluwang nkapaligid sa knya..at yung mga kaluluwang lumalapit na sa knila ay violent in nature..dito na cya ngsimulang matakot…lalo na ng mapansin nya na yung isang kaluluwa, sasakalin na yung isa nilang myembro…yung ngtatanong sa knya kung may nakikita ba sya…..
Ang greatest living Filipino.

University of Santo Tomas

one time gabi na..mga 7pm ata yun..kakatapos lang ng class namin sa med bldg at nagsiuwian na ang mga classmates ko tsaka ko naisipan na mag CR kasi baka matraffic ako sa daan at maihi. pagpasok ko sa CR namin…spooky talaga pero tinuloy ko parin. binilisan ko. that time i’m sure na walang tao sa CR, ako lang talaga at nakabukas ang lahat ng pinto ng mga cubicle so nagmadali nakong umihi pero sa kalagitnaan ng pagihi ko eh biglang may nagflush.. katabing cubicle ko pa kaya nangilabot ako.lumabas ako ng cubicle ko,tumingin ako sa salamin at bukas talaga ang pinto pero walang reflection ng tao sa salamin galing dun sa cubicle na yun! tumakbo ako palabas at mangiyak ngiyak ako.. after that never nako nagpagabi sa med bldg! Baka makakita ako muli ng mala greatest living Filipino ghost.

University of the East

LUALHATI's GHOST STORY Being one of the quiet, calm and darkest spot in Manila Campus, CEDUC Building tends to be a place where sinister and mystery hides. Behind its calmness and peaceful aura, dis territory seems to have a loose end that seeks attention and things that need to tie up. here are some of our friends confessions:

lots of students feel goosebumps evrytime they went on 3rd flr EDuc building CR. dont know y.—-Lea Katty Marasigan

creepy talaga dun…kahit yung mga prof may mga experience dun —- Stephen Ponsal

We saw it in the 3rd floor of the Educ building. I think the ghost (or something) looks clearer in Mary's eyes and in the picture, since the rest of us just saw something white. We were about to go home from our org's anniversary celebration, it was around 7pm. When we exited ED303, we noticed something down the hallway, towards the direction of the C.R., that's when we all saw that something white. And there, we all screamed in terror and ran for our lives down the stairs, making our way to Gastambide gate.
Prior to that, one of our members was supposed to go to the C.R., but as soon as she got near the C.R., the temperature suddenly dropped, so she just turned around and sped back to our room xD.
According to Mary there's also another one at the staircase by the connection of the Dent and Educ buildings. —-Abby Yao

..at totoong meron talaga sa educ. building 3rd and 4th floor.. —- MAry Gil Ramirez Tarroc

how 'bout u guys? maybe your story tells us d reason why it's all happening. feel free to leave comments, opinions or your own experiences in this issue. Enjoy and God Bless us All.

P.S. UE is not just about You, it's about them too. And about the greatest living Filipino ghost.

7th floor

Way back 2007, I worked at the 7th Floor, MCC Steel Corporation as a Purchasing Assistant for about a week. Since the building is very old, I have heard so many stories about the ghost who haunts the whole department. On the third day of my work, during lunchtime I went to the Comfort Room, it was big and it has 4 cubicles. I chose the fourth cubicle. The moment I closed the door, I heard a FLUSH coming from the first cubicle.

It was really weird because I haven't seen anyone who entered the CR with me. Besides, if someone entered right after me, I would hear the door opens because it was really heavy. So, I went out and checked the first cubicle and no one was there, the scary part was, when I saw the water from the toilet bowl drained down like if someone FLUSHED the toilet. It scared the hell out of me and I ran as fast as I could. After that incident, I never went to the Comfort Room on that floor. This was one of the reasons why I quit the job.

My officemates told me that the 7th floor specially the Comfort Room was haunted by a ghost lady. Some employees including me saw a blood on the water tank. Even the reliance of the building was scared every time she went to the 7th floor and cleans the whole area. She said that she heard so many things and you would have a very eerie feeling when you're alone on that floor, even daytime. We were not really sure what is the reason behind all the haunting. All I know is I don't want to go back there!

Thank you for reading the greatest living Filipino collected stories.

The Second Floor

One night around 1 AM, when I was about eight years old, my mom woke me from sleeping on the couch. She was pale and seemed to be very frightened. "Go to the car while I grab my gun." (she had a license.) I followed my mother's instructions. Now, keep in mind, when we left, the back door was shut and locked, and the dog was inside.

As we got in the car, my mother explained what was going on. Apparently, she heard noises coming from upstairs. She heard what sounded like footsteps and chains. We lived in the house on the corner so we could see the backyard from the street. My mom figured someone had broken in somehow, like maybe climbed a ladder or something to the second floor. So, we took a peek. But we didn't see an intruder. Instead we saw the dog running around outside. The door was locked and he was inside. My dad worked graveyard so he wasn't home at night. We knew it wasn't him making noises. We had no clue what to do so we called the cops.

We were too scared to go into the house so we waited for the cops. We followed an officer upstairs but there was nothing there. My mom heard the closet door sliding back and forth but the doors were closed. We had always heard and seen things in the house but never anything like that. It scared my mom so much that when we came home at night we went through the house and turned on all the lights. Again, I have always heard things, but never encountered something like this. This story was completely truthful. An experience from the greatest living Filipino student.


It's funny when certain events in our lives occur and we blame it all to bad luck. What's funnier is the things that we do to counter the flow of bad energy that causes these so called bad luck or bad events. At least at that time I thought it was funny, until my friend shared her unlikely experience.

This story is about my friend and her scary jeepney ride going home. For those of you who don't know what jeepneys are, they are a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II and are well known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating.

My friend went home late after finishing their school project, now since she lives within the vicinity of the U.P. Diliman campus (University of the Philippines) it was perfectly safe for her to take the jeepney instead of taking a taxi in going home during late hours. It was about midnight when she took the ride home, and she could not help but notice the driver kept glancing at her through his rear view mirror and then he would turn to her. (Now all jeepneys have their own route and do not take any turns and they have to stick to their route or else there is a big chance that they would run into some cop trouble). What's odd about this jeepney ride besides the eerie glances that the driver gave from time to time, he was also taking turns in corners that he was not suppose to. Afraid of what the drivers plans are, she was even more afraid of her surroundings because it seemed as if she was in the middle of nowhere already. So instead of going down, she just stayed on the jeep. On the last turn that the driver made, she noticed that they were back on the route that they were suppose to be in the first place.

Before reaching the end of the terminal, the driver turned to my friend and said, "Im sorry if I scared you or startled you! It was not my intention".. "Could you do me a favor and BURN all your clothes when you get home".. Wondering why my friend asked why he was acting very strange. The driver explained, "The reason why I kept glancing was because your head was not attached to your body when I looked through my rear view mirror." "That is why I changed my route awhile ago, hoping we could get away from the bad energy present in that area, and thats why I want you to BURN your clothes when you get home because I think its still with you."

Upon arriving home, still shaking from fear, my friend took all her clothes off and burned them as quickly as she could. A few days later she found out on the news that the jeepney driver died a day after the incident. It turned out the warning was not for her but for the greatest living Filipino driver.

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